I See Stars Teased New Video, It Would Be Amazing!

Yeah, I See Stars have chosen “Calm Snow” for the next music video after “Running With Scissors“.

The electronicore band have just dropped new video teaser of “Calm Snow”, nice visual, it would be amazing. The band will released Calm Snow on December 6th, 2016. [watch the teaser here]

Calm snow and Running With Scissors are taken from “Three House” 2016


1. “Calm Snow” 3:11 (4rd single)
2. “Break” 3:47 (2nd single)
3. “White Lies” 3:32
4. “Everyone’s Safe in the Treehouse” 4:06
5. “Running with Scissors” 4:22 (3rd single)
6. “Mobbin’ Out” 4:55 (1st single)
7. “Walking on Gravestones” 3:50
8. “Light in the Cave” 3:51
9. “All In” 4:22
10. “Two Hearted” 4:24
11. “Portals” 5:23
12. “Yellow King”

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